Buzz Bomb Jigging Spoon

Buzz Bomb
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As the original inventors of brightly coloured lures including UV and holographic finishes, Buzz Bomb's hand crafted lures are each hand made in Canada by people dedicated to the industry and the local community.

Each product is a piece of art scientifically designed to catch all fish under specific conditions. When fishing new waters and in new times of year, cycle through various colours to match water conditions, bait fish and seasonal trends.


  • Hand crafted and hand painted
  • Rotation replicates a wounded bait fish
  • Erratic flashing will force a fish instinctively to strike
  • Innovative, proven effective, engineered colors
  • Puts science on your side

Sizes: 1.5" inch, 2.5" inch, 2" inch, 3" inch L (Light), 3" inch XH (Extra Heavy), 4" inch, 4" inch W (Wide), 5" inch SUPER B, 5" inch