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Dog-O's™ Cheesy Chompers® are proudly made by 7th generation farmers and their beloved herd of dairy cows. Their all-natural, farm-fresh ingredients make these cheesy treats an irresistible delight for good doggos everywhere!

No Grain, No Gluten & No Artificial Colors of Flavors
All Natural, 100% Cheese
Made from Farm Fresh Jersey Cow Milk
Handmade by Hardworking Farmers in Illinois
Cheesy Chompers are made of 100% all natural cheese, so they're 0% anything else! When you treat your pup with our farm fresh cheese chews, you're giving them plenty of protein and beneficial nutrients like calcium, vitamin A, essential fatty acids and B-complex vitamins. They have no grains, gluten or anything artificial.

Every Dog-O's cheese chew is locally sourced... and by locally sourced we mean that the cheese is made from pasteurized milk from our Jersey cows on our own 120-acre farm in Greenville, Illinois. Cheese doesn't get any fresher than that!