Doog Stick Family Willow

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Safer than a real stick and a lot more fun. With the DOOG Sticks, No More Splinters! made from recycled rubber, have glow in the dark eyes and float in water. They make a great companion for your dog to take to the park and dog beach and just love to be flung and fetched. NOTE: The Sticks are made from a recycled rubber material so are not designed as a chew toy. Please use them for fetching only and always use under supervision.


  • NOT A CHEW TOY. Intended for fetching only, please use with supervision
  • Made From Recycled Rubber
  • Glow in the dark eyes
  • Floats in water
  • Built in rope and handy grip
  • The Sticks "Willow"
  • Durable & Water-friendly
  • Safe and Non-Toxic