Niche Minx Snowboard

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The Minx is the perfect companion for all-day park sessions, fluffy powder days, and everything inbetween. It floats well in powder, is soft enough to press, yet stable enough to hit jumps, and really... any other terrain you'd like to enjoy. The Minx is an extremely lightweight true twin with a centered stance. The basalt stringer within the sustainable wood core makes the board super poppy and also adds vibration dampening, ensuring a smooth ride. Plus, the flat camber makes it virtually impossible for you to catch your edge!

Please note: Alternate base color schemes are used to avoid extra plastic base material waste during production! Base colors vary between grey and black.


  • FLAT TO EARLY-RISE CAMBER - Floats better in powder compared to traditional camber, while still having a loose, playful feel with maintained edge control.
  • SOFT FLEX: 4/10 - Welcome to fun flexing and perfect presses.
  • 2X TRACTION BUMPS - Extra edge contact points to give your board more edge control and stability, especially in icy conditions.
  • 1X BASALT STRINGER - A replacement for carbon fiber with similar characteristics; 1 straight Basalt Stringer is strung tip-to-tail to increase pop for jumping, torsional snapback for smoother carving AND stability at speed by damping those nasty vibrations.
  • SINTERED BASE - Accelerates quickly, carries speed, stays strong, smooth and durable.
  • BIO-RESIN - Composed of bio-renewable materials from the industrial waste of the paper pulp and bio-fuel industries, bio-resin removes materials from waste streams and gives the board a snappy and lively feel!
  • RECYCLED MATERIALS - Recycled bases, sidewalls and edges.
  • SUSTAINABLE WOOD CORES - Locally sourced, sustainably harvested wood cores.
  • DIGI-PRINT TOPSHEET - Lacquer-free, matte finish topsheet; direct digital print with non-toxic, solvent-free inks.