Phelps Wellness Gut Check 4.5oz

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If your precious pup emits some serious smells, help her tummy out with Phelps Wellness Collection Gut Check Lamb Recipe Dog Treats. These tasty rewards are designed to help restore a healthy balance to your pal's belly. They're made with delicious USA-sourced lamb and tummy-friendly apple pomace and chicory root. Work these treats into your pup's diet for some extra gut-healthy support -- and to help cut down on odious emissions!


  • These treats are formulated to support your dog's gut and digestive health.
  • Helps restore balance and harmony to your pup's belly.
  • Made with tasty USA-sourced lamb, turkey and other natural ingredients.
  • Features gut-friendly ingredients like apple pomace and chicory root.
  • Designed to help reduce odors and rumbling from your pal's gut.