Phelps Wellness Tummy Tamer 4.5

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Upset tummies deserve treats too! Phelps Wellness Collection Tummy Tamer Chicken & Rice Recipe Dog Treats let you reward your pooch even after a stomach upset. These mild treats are formulated especially for recovering or sensitive pups. They're designed to help your pal feel better and return to her happy-go-lucky self. The tummy-friendly ingredients include chicken broth and pumpkin -- made to be delicious and gentle on the stomach. It's the paw-fect pick-me-up for your recovering pup!


  • These dog treats are formulated for pups who are recovering from an upset stomach or have other sensitivities.
  • A bland formula designed to help your pal feel better and return to normal.
  • Includes mild and gentle ingredients like chicken broth and pumpkin.
  • Great way to reward your dog even with mild tummy trouble.
  • Made with natural ingredients and flavors.