Playmobil Horse Farm

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Gallop over to the horse farm. With two stalls and loft area, there is plenty of space to make sure your horses are show ready. Each stall opens up into the gated enclosure to allow time to eat and enjoy some fresh air or practice show tricks. You can saddle up your horse for a stroll or use the grooming brushes to keep their coats gleaming. Choose a name for your horses and personalize their stalls with the customizable nameplates. Set includes two figures, two horses, one foal, cats, squirrels, birds, feeding buckets, water trough, wheelbarrow, grooming brushes, pitchfork, fencing, and many other accessories. Recommended for ages 5 and up.

Figures: 1 western rider, 1 female rider; Animals: 2 horses, 1 pony with halter, 2 cats, 1 squirrel, 5 birds, 2 mice, 1 butterfly; Accessories: 1 large riding stable, 1 tree, 1 meadow with shrub, 10 gates, 2 gates, 5 posts, 1 corner post, 5 post adapters, 2 feeding troughs, 1 drinking trough, 1 ladder, 1 wheelbarrow, 1 broom, 1 pitchfork, 1 flag on the flagpole, 1 wooden box, 3 boxes with lid, 3 boxes without lid, 1 saddle, 1 saddle cloth, 1 riding helmet, 3 horses; accessories for cleaning, 1 foal halter, 4 halter, 1 rein, 2 crops, 1 top hat, 1 hay bundle, 1 bucket, 4 plant clips, 3 green fodder, 2 tournament bows, 12 bandages, 1 rake and shovel, 1 bird's nest with eggs, 2 horse dung, 3 turnips