Allen Co, Inc. Allencustom Target Shooting Kit

Allen Co, Inc.
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Commitment to improving results at the range enables shooters to endlessly look for opportunities to consume ammunition. Most shooters invest in target holders or metal targets with a stand. What if all target components you purchased could work together, creating a shooting experience rivaling expensive, private ranges? What if product lines allowed for easy expansion, designed to grow with the shooter? In a single setup, what if you could shoot paper, metal rimfire, AR500, and gong targets? Enter our EZ Aim® Custom Target Systems (CTS) -- an integrated target system that expands as you do. Target components can be mixed and matched, allowing shooters to create a custom shooting gallery for his/her specific needs. EZ Aim® CTS Systems provide you solutions whether you are shooting handguns, rimfire plinking, pellet guns or setting up long range rifle sight tests for your next hunting trip. Made to work together, our flexible components allow any shooter to make a personal shooting range. Stay on Target with EZ Aim®. The EZ Aim® Shooting Gallery Target Shooting System is a build-your-own shooting gallery kit. The package includes target stand legs, gong hanging kit, two spinning targets and frame, two brackets and paper target stand. Brackets will accommodate all Allen Company spinner targets if you want a more expansive shooting target gallery. Supply your own wooden 2x4 and steel gong target to complete your shooting system kit. Use the EZ Aim® Shooting Gallery Target Shooting System with a 2x4 (not supplied) that is a minimum length of 18-inches. If you want the targets spaced further apart then use any length of 2x4 greater than 18-inches and install the supplied targets at your desired width.


  • Leg kit breaks down to convenient 16-inch sections
  • Chain kit includes all hardware for hanging gong targets
  • Durable, self-healing polymer spinners
  • 2-target, paper target stand for sight-in & training
  • Includes brackets for gallery expansion