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Bnr Tackle
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BnR Tackle Soft Beads mimic the eggs that salmon, steelhead, and trout devour! The fish-catching beads are soft, pliable, and naturally buoyant. The texture and feel are more like the eggs these anadromous fish see in the water and more closely match a real egg you have on the hook. You can rig the free sliding bead easily to change sizes and colors as you fish. You're sure to find a color in this collection to your liking! Each has its advantages; the Natural perfectly matches a freshly dropped steelhead egg, the Clown soft bead works well after the water in the rivers and creeks are returning to normal levels after heavy rain, and the Cerise is a go-to for dirty waters. The Natural Stinkeye is a good option for when the water is low and clear. Salmonids love eggs! The realistic look of these BnR Tackle Soft Beads will bring them to your line!


  • Soft texture of the beads better replicates actual eggs
  • Naturally buoyant
  • Hole in beads allows for a quick change when you want to switch colors
  • One set of T-Stops with each pack