Daisy PrecisionMax .177 Flat-Nosed Pellet Lead 250 Count Container

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It's A Daisy!
More Americans have taken their first shots, and learned gun safety, with a Daisy air gun than any other brand. There is no better way to feed your Daisy air gun than with Daisy PrecisionMax .177 caliber flat-nosed pellets. The .177 caliber pellets will let you have hours of entertainment and education with your Daisy air gun. And, as one famous character in a movie reminds us... wear your eye protection when using your Daisy.

Daisy PrecisionMax .177 Flat-Nosed Pellet Specifications and Features

  • Daisy Item number 990257-001
  • .177 caliber Flat-Nosed Pellet
  • Lead
  • 7.87 gr.
  • Ultra Smooth
  • Carry Box with belt clip
  • 250 Count Carry Box