Allen Co, Inc. Demo Shooting Fit Over Glasses

Allen Co, Inc.
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The Allen Company Shooting & Safety Demolition Fit Over Glasses are for use over most prescription glasses. These shooting and safety glasses are great for those looking for a little more coverage without interfering with many styles of shooting earmuffs. Oversized temples are shaped to avoid adding extra pressure on the side of your head when wearing two pairs of glasses. A rubber guard on the top helps ensure your fit-over glasses rest comfortably on your face next to your prescription glasses. Lenses provide anti-scratch coated lenses and are ANSI Z87 impact resistance rated.


  • Fog resistant coatings reduce condensation from body heat
  • Fits over most small to large, framed eyeglasses
  • Conforms tighter to face curvature for maximum blast protection
  • Anti-scratch coated lenses
  • CE certified
  • ANSI Z87 Impact Rated