Allen Co, Inc. Ez Aim 9" Reflective Sight In Tg

Allen Co, Inc.
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With shooting being a pastime or part of preparation for a trip to the field, EZ Aim® is serious about your success and continued improvement across shooting disciplines. Whether you are shooting for pure enjoyment or honing your skills, you can count on EZ Aim® to deliver and exceed your expectations. Our product line continuously evolves, meeting shooters needs at every turn. Being shooters ourselves, we make products that work together, helping make time at the range more productive. Looking to achieve the results you are hoping for? Stay on Target with EZ Aim®. The EZ Aim® 9-inch Reflective Target is made of reflective Mylar and is designed with an adhesive backing to easily attach to your target surface. The Flaking ink crumbles around the bullet hole to show a reflective ring around the point of impact, making the impact point of the bullet easy to see.


  • Reflective Material Shows Bullet Impact
  • Four Target Sheets Per Pack
  • Reflective Mylar Backing
  • Adhesive Back
  • Nine inch Diameter