Faber Castell DIY Glowing Squishy Slime

Faber Castell
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Have a blast creating and squishing your own Glowing Slime! DIY Glowing Squishy Slime from Creativity for Kids makes it easy and fun to make your own glowing, sensory textured slime! All the slime supplies you will need to make glow-in-the-dark slime is included! This slime kit comes with clear glue, sodium tetraboarate, water beads, glow-in-the-dark sand, a pipette, a storage container, stickers, a measuring scoop, a test tube and a mixing stick. To create the DIY slime, you simply combine glue, water and sodium tetraboarate. Once your slime is mixed, add glowing sand to make it glow and water beads to make it a fun sensory toy! When you are finished creating and playing with your slime, place it into the included container that you can decorate with glow-in-the-dark stickers. The slime you create is fun to play with and is a great sensory activity. DIY Glowing Squishy Slime encourages creativity and fine motor skills while creating a unique, mindful crafting experience. All Creativity for Kids craft projects build creative confidence and entertain with at home and indoor activities for kids! DIY Glowing Squishy Slime is a unique way to unplug, unwind and have fun while learning a new crafting skill! This kids craft kit is non-toxic, kid-friendly and recommended for ages 6 and up.


GLOW-IN-THE-DARK SLIME KIT - Make your own glowing sensory slime that will illuminate as you squish it in your hands! Add water beads to make the slime texture even squishier!
SLIME STARTER KIT - Making slime is a great activity for kids who love to work with their hands! This complete slime starter set comes with all the slime supplies you need to mix and store your sensory slime, just add creativity and imagination!
DIY SLIME - Its easy and fun to make your own slime mixture! Use the added mix-ins to amp up your slime: glow-in-the-dark sand and colorful water beads! Handy storage container is included to save your DIY slime to play again the next day
SENSORY TOY - Squishy slime, glowing sand and colorful water beads create a unique tactile experience. Manipulating and mixing slime is a mindful, screen-free activity that stimulates the senses, boosts motor skills and encourages calm, independent play
KIDS CRAFTS - Build creative confidence in your child with Creativity for Kids arts and crafts for girls and boys. Big fun in a small box! DIY Glowing Squishy Slime is a mini craft activity that's non-toxic, kid-friendly and recommended for ages 6+