Johns Jigs Fly Fishing Wallet

Johns Jigs
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Jumbo streamers, pike flies, bass bugs, and saltwater flies demand a quality fly wallet for storage. Finsport's inventive fly wallets are ideal for securing mid to large flies, shooting heads, pre-tied leaders, terminal tackle and more. The bigger wallets can be used for anything from a streamside tying kit to a fully-functional travel kit. The wallets are available in four sizes to protect your entire fly cache. So you may have seen some of these on sale from the big-box stores and wondered why buy ours? Well, these are an update and much higher quality version. With sz5 thickness bags instead of sz3, you are much less likely to tear through. And the foam on the inner walls is thicker and will last longer. So in this case, you do get what you pay for!


  • Mesh Outer pocket
  • 2 Foam Interior Drying Panels
  • Swivel Snaphook
  • Belt Loop
  • Label holder along spine