Fox Run Brands Pizza Grill Stone 14x16"

Fox Run Brands
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This half-inch thick cordierite baking stone loves heat and is safe to 1450°F! It works in the oven or on the grill, and we call it a pizza stone, but it's just as good for breads and tortillas.*Never clean a pizza stone with soap*

Only clean your pizza stone after it has completely cooled. Putting a hot stone into tepid water will weaken its structural integrity and can cause small fractures that could lead to eventual breakage.
As this stone is not glazed, it is not sealed in any way, so food and oils can seep below the surface. Always scrape off all spilled or cooked food with a stiff brush, scrubbing pad, or plastic scraper, and simply wipe the surface of the stone with a damp cloth. Make sure the stone is completely dry before seasoning and using again.

Note that unsealed surfaces will stain over time, but this staining does not affect the flavor or quality of your pizza. Do not use any chemical sealers, even food-grade sealants, as high temperatures will damage the natural stone by causing the sealants to expand and crack the stone.

Use tepid water and scrub with baking soda to remove any odors.

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