Gamo Air Rifles Red Fire Pellets .22 Cal

Gamo Air Rifles
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Peak Performance Pest Control, Thanks to Gamo
If you know air guns, then you probably know Gamo. In addition to making some of the world's best air guns, they also make top of the line ammunition. Gamo's Red Fire pellets deliver match-grade accuracy and high velocity performance for your airgun. Each lead pellet is equipped with a hard polymer tip which exhibits superior penetration and energy transfer to the target. Gamo Red Fire pellets are designed to mushroom on impact to maximize their proficiency and are ideal for hunting small game or controlling the population of pests.

Specifications and Features

  • Gamo Item Number: 632270454
  • Lead Pellets
  • Designed for Small Game/Pests
  • .22 Caliber
  • Diamond Shaped Polymer Tips
  • Pellet Weight 15.4 grains
  • 125 Count