Hape International Race Track Station

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Hape's Race Track Station Kid's Toy with realistic race track figurines is a multifunctional creative's delight and stimulating experience for toddlers. Kids above the age of 3 can explore different sides of the tracks and get real competition going by racing each other around the wooden race track. Pick a team - red or blue? If one of the cars breaks down, drive to the pits for repairs The race car set adds a new dimension of fun to your rail play. Transport your cars to the track and get racing! Sharpen Your Child's Imaginative Side This wooden toy not only gets the competition rolling but allows for storytelling. Take turns telling it your way! It develops problem solving skills, creativity and imagination, fine motor skills and dexterity, building and construction skills. Build and Play! Hape's wooden race train station allows for kids to build their own station, position all the figurines the way they want, and choose what color car they want to drive. They get to create a customized world of fun for themselves. You can connect to an existing wooden rail set to make it more interesting, but it is still great for independent play.


  • Set includes a detailed station building, two race cars, a two-carriage train, two figurines, eight curved road tracks, five straight road tracks, three maintenance tools, two flags, a stairway, and five rail tracks
  • This race car and station set is great for promoting creativity, stimulating imagination with amazing story telling opportunities
  • Help your child develop social skills, motor skills whilst sharpening their imaginative edge and enjoying the delightful race track station
  • Assemble the layout as shown on the box. Connect to an existing wooden rail set or great for independent play
  • Durable and child safe race track and station, race circuit made from Green PE, an eco-friendly plant plastic made from sugarcane.