Hoppes #9 Flip Top High Viscosity Lubricating Gun Oil Squeeze Bottle 2.25 Ounce

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Hoppe's #9 high-viscosity lubricating gun oil has been a staple among shooters and outdoor enthusiasts for years. The formula used is designed to be used in conjunction with firearms, fishing reels and other precision mechanisms. Hoppe's #9 does not harden, gum up or become rancid, which means that it's safe to keep around for long periods of time. This oil provides exceptional protection and long service life even when compared to other popular brands. Pick up a bottle today and keep your firearms running better for longer.


  • #9 High-Viscosity Lubricating Gun Oil
  • Uses: Firearms, Fishing Reels, and Other Precision Mechanisms
  • Does Not Harden, Gum or Become Rancid
  • Provides Extra Long Service Life
  • Squeeze Bottle
  • Flip Top
  • 2.25 Ounce/66.54mL