Mammoth Twister Bone W/2 Balls

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Flossy Chews Twisted Bone with 2 Balls. With a classic bone shape and 2 mini tennis balls, this twisted dog toy is perfect for games of go-fetch! The strong dog rope toy is easy for your dog to catch and carry for interactive play times, and also makes a great dog chew toy when they are home alone - the Flossy Chews rope will even floss your pup's teeth as they play! The colorful dog rope ball toy is made from twisted rope, and is finished with a 2 inch tennis ball at each end. Encouraging your pup to chase and retrieve, the twisted bone rope also makes a great tug toy for dogs to pull and toss. Playing interactive games with the rope ball for dogs is a great way to strengthen your bond with your dog, and the twisted tugs are also an ideal chew toy when you can't be around. The twisted rope design makes this a safe and strong dog ball toy for aggressive chewers, and providing exciting dog chew toys for solo play keeps your pet happy and busy when you can't entertain them.


  • Perfect for both interactive and solo play, this twisted dog bone toy is finished with 2 x 2" inch tennis balls, so it is great for fetch and catch, as well as tugging and chewing.
  • Made from colorful North American-USA-Mexico Cotton-poly yarn fibers, this rope and ball dog toy is a safe and non-toxic chew toy, and a strong, durable tug rope for interactive playtime with your pup.
  • This is the most fun way to clean your dog's teeth! The cotton-poly dog rope fibers floss your dog's teeth as they chew and play to maintain your dog's oral health!
  • When you can't be around, this strong dog rope toy makes a tough and durable chew toy for dogs, and is a great way to keep aggressive chewers happy and occupied.
  • This 7.5 inch twisted dog bone toy is an ideal play and chew toy for small dogs weighing under 15lbs; Mammoth Flossy Chews dog toys for large dogs and medium dogs are also available.