One Ball Jay Shape Shifter Dude 115g

One Ball Jay
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One Ball Jay Shape Shifter Dude wax smells like a dude, but not in a bad way. This universal snowboard wax smells like Old Spice cologne, so people will be left with the impression that you smell fabulous, even after a long day of hard riding. For best results, use a wax iron, but you can rub this wax on by hand too.


  • Scented wax for snowboards and skis
  • Smells like Old Spice
  • Universal, for all snow types
  • Rub on or apply with an iron


  • Size: 115g

Hot Waxing: Base must be clean & dry. Hot wax your base with the temperature specific wax for best results. Let wax cool completely and scrape with a plastic scraper. Brush out remaining wax from base and polish smooth.

Rub On: Apply wax to base by hand and cover completely. Use a waxing cork to polish wax into base with firm pressure. A scraper can be used and then use a waxing brush to polish the hair brush is best for this.