Simmons Outdoor Corp Venture Rangefinder with Tilt Max

Simmons Outdoor Corp
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Know the true range of your next shot with TILT
Then Venture with TILT from Simmons gives you true horizontal range out to a max range of 625 yards for reflective targets and 450 yards for trees. Go out and scout the places you plan to hunt to check ranges so you can modify your plan if you need to adjust and have ranges ready for when your target comes out. Take it with you on your hunt for last minute adjustment to those ranges or in case your target comes out from an unexpected location. From filling your freezer to harvesting a trophy by ready with Simmons
The Venture Rangefinder with TILT gives you true horizontal range in an excellent value rangefinder that is high quality. From the field to the range the rangefinder is made with an ergonomic design to make ranging targets easier by this hand held rangefinder. Get out there with Simmons and know the range you need to hit your target.

Simmons Venture Rangefinder with Tilt Specifications and Features:

  • Simmons SV620BT
  • 6x Magnification
  • 20mm Objective
  • True Horizontal Distance (TILT)
  • Range
  • 625 Yards Reflective Target
  • 480 Yards Tree
  • 250 Yards Deer
  • Hand friendly ergonomic design allows effortless use
  • Extremely accurate ranging for quick target acquisition
  • High contrast, clear display in low light conditions
  • CR2 Battery Type
  • Black