Smi Shrimp Trap 25"X25"X9.5"

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The SMI 19022/19023 has been the must-have trap in the Northwest for over a decade. This trap has the perfect blend of size and performance. At just over 2 feet square this trap is easy to work with, even if you have limited deck space. Four entrances lets the 19022/19023 fish fast, especially important during shorter shrimping windows. Like all SMI shrimp traps, the integrated bait compartment makes rebaits a quick and easy experience - just open the top access hatch and swap out for a fresh SMI bait barrel. 19022 is for Spot Shrimp and the 19023 is for Coon Stripe/Pink Shrimp.

  • - 25" x 25" x 9.5" Square design allows for easy storage on deck
  • - 4 entrances
  • - Built-in bait compartment for loose bait or use with SMI 19189 bait barrel
  • - Top dump hatch with biodegradable escape system
  • - 19022 has 1" square mesh meets WA regulations for Spot Shrimp fisheries
  • - 19023 has 1" x 1/2" mesh meets WA regulations for Coon Stripe/Pink shrimp fisheries (Not Legal for Spot Shrimp)