Tovolo 2-in-1 Can Opener

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The 2-in-1 Can Opener not only opens cans but features a built-in bottle opener too! An easy turn mechanism makes this kitchen tool easy to operate over and over. Stainless steel craftsmanship results in a gadget that is made to last and serve your meal prep needs for years to come. Neutral tones make it easy to blend with nearly any kitchen aesthetic. The added bottle opener offers a quick fix in a pinch when you can't find the dedicated tool for the job!

  • TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE: With this 2-in-1 can opener, not only do you get a device that makes opening cans a breeze, but also a bottle opener!
  • STURDY METAL: Made from sturdy metal, this can opener is built for the long haul, ensuring a long lasting kitchen accessory.
  • TRENDY TONE: The neutral tone fits right into any kitchen utensil ensemble.
  • EFFECTIVE AND RELIABLE: This can opener is effective at opening cans and bottles at a moment's notice!
  • RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB: Once the prep is done and the meal is served, never again worry about having to find your bottle opener in a drawer full of gadgets, simply use the integrated bottle opener and get back to the conversation at the dinner table faster!