Allen Co, Inc. Shottrax Recoil Reducing Shooting Rest

Allen Co, Inc.
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The Shottrax Recoil Reducing Rest by Allen is designed with accuracy in mind. Designed with a fully adjustable frame length, adjustable soft rubber feet and a soft gun cradle make fitting this rest to your firearm a breeze. The elevation adjustment is handled by a fine threaded metal star-shaped wheel. The rear part of the rest has a steel-framed, rubberized, foam-padded boot made to take the recoil from even the biggest calibers. Overall the firearm cradle adjusts from 26 inches to 16 inches.

Product Features

  • SOLID METAL CONSTRUCTION: Can handle magnum caliber hunting rifles and long-range type firearms.
  • MSR COMPATIBLE: The soft stock cradle fits most MSR stocks.
  • FINE ELEVATION ADJUSTMENT: A metal screw with ball bearing movement gives you precision firearm elevation adjustment.
  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: The Frame adjusts from 16 inches in length to 26 inches to accommodate most firearms and platforms.
  • RECOIL ABSORBING REAR SUPPORT: Let the Shottrax Recoil Reducing Rest take the brunt of the recoil from your firearm so you can put more rounds down range more accurately.
  • WEIGHT TRAY FOR PLATES OR BAGS: If you find your rest needs more weight to stay stable or to reduce movement on a slick surface simply add metal plates, shot bags, or small sandbags to the rest.