Reliance Prod. Lp Double Doodie Plus Bags

Reliance Prod. Lp
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Bears aren't the only ones who go in the woods. Double Doodie PLUS bags help keep your adventures on track even while you're in the woods. With all the benefits of our regular Double Doodie bags, Double Doodie PLUS bags are bigger and contain Bio Gel waste gelation. Meant for families, each bag holds up to 12 lbs. of human waste. Bio-Gel in each bag turns liquid waste to a gel in moments and masks odors, making for no-mess, easy clean-ups.

Reliance double bag system has an inner waste bag that rolls up when filled, the attached heavy duty outer bag has a leak-proof double zip-lock to make sure what's inside the bag, stays inside.

Double Doodie PLUS bags are compatible with our Fold-to-Go, Luggable Loo, Hunter's Loo, Hassock and, most other portable toilets. They also fit most standard household toilets when plumbing is unavailable.


  • Puncture-resistant waste bag to ensure waste containment
  • Leak-proof, double zip lock outer bag
  • Each inner bag contains Bio-Gel™ to gel waste and mask odors
  • Each package contains 6 PLUS size bags
  • One bag holds up to 12 lbs. of human waste
  • Ideal for families
  • Box Length (inches): 9.2 / Width: 4.9 / Height: 6
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs.