Escali Easy Read Steak Thermometer

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Cook the Perfect Steak without Any Experience
The Escali AHS1-4 Easy Read Steak Thermometer Set will help you cook steak exactly how you like it with the incredibly simple Rare, Medium and Well-Done dial indications. The unique and brightly colored dial faces are easy to read and help you keep track of individual steaks. Their durable stainless-steel design is oven and grill safe.

Easy Read Dial
The straightforward dial labels read rare, medium and well done to ensure anyone can easily cook a perfect steak.

4 Uniquely Colored Dials
Everyone likes their food cooked differently, so the four uniquely colored dial faces help the chef keep track of each steak and it's level of doneness.

Grill & Oven Safe
The durable stainless steel construction allows the thermometer to be left in meat as it is cooking in a grill or oven.


  • Measurements: Rare, Medium and Well done for beef steaks.
  • Probe Length: 2.25 in
  • Dial Diameter: 1 in